Pool Parties for Members

If you are interested in planning a pool party that will include you bringing more than 5 guests at one time, please check with the lifeguards at the lifeguard check in stand in at least 2 weeks advance of your party. The Trex Deck at the corner of the property near the pond is available to reserve at No Cost for private parties.(no other area of the pool is available to reserve for private parties not the covered patio area or any tables around the pool)  The lifeguards have the master schedule for the deck reservations. The lifeguards can also tell you at that time if you need to reserve an extra lifeguard for your party through the online system below. The cost for additional lifeguards is $25 an hour per guard. If you do not get your party preapproved by the lifeguard staff you may be turned away at the check in stand on the day of your event. You must also pay the guest fee for each nonmember that enters the gate the day of your event whether they are swimming or not. ($3 weekdays/$5 weekends)All private parties must use the TREX deck in the left bottom corner of the pool property. Reserving tables/chairs poolside or under covered area near clubhouse is not allowed 

Pool Party Booking Procedure:

The Pool Party Request please go to https://swimclubcharlotte.com/services/book-event/

. Please send requests at least 2 weeks in advance 

SCMG may choose to limit parties to June & July due to Staffing Shortages when colleges resume so you may want to book your party early

 They will need the following information from each member: All information is needed

  1. Full Member Name
  2. Pool Community Name
  3. Member Home Address
  4. Phone Number & Email
  5. Requested Party Date and Time Frame
  6. Requested MAX Number of Attendees (Swimmers and Non-Swimmers)  - even if they don’t know, I need a MAX number
  7. Any other party details for day of event
  8. Please note SCMG Terms & Conditions still apply.  They are listed below and are found on the swimclubcharlotte.com site under Book An Event.

 Upon the completion of booking the party or special event, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your party request; this DOES NOT guarantee that the party has been approved by Swim Club Management Group.  You will receive a final confirmation email and approval from a Swim Club Management Group representative 

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